History of Bitcoin

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin (BTC) has remained the most widely used and valuable form of digital money worldwide. When
the genesis block, the first Bitcoin block, was produced on January 3, 2009, the Bitcoin blockchain was formally launched. Satoshi is
believed to have mined up to 1.1 million Bitcoins in the first seven months after the creation of the currency. Those coins would now
be worth nearly $22 billion at August 2022 pricing.

Blockchain technology can transform businesses

Blockchain is assisting in the transformation of business in a variety of global industries. Greater trust reduces duplication of work, which increases efficiency. The financial services, government, supply chain, retail, food distribution,  and more industries are being reshaped by blockchain.


How does Blockchain work
for businesses?

Blockchain improves the traceability, security, trustworthiness, and transparency of data shared across a business network while generating new efficiencies that save costs. Blockchain for business employs an open, unchangeable ledger that members with only authorization can view.

Over 400 companies are benefitting from Blockchain

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