What is Block Matching
VIP Affiliate Wallet?

Block Matching Affiliate Wallet is a top-notch programme of the VIP affiliate wallet. You can increase your income through this program in two ways: as follows. Your first source of income is your referral income, which is 10% of all your holdings, and you can also receive it in WhiteBitcoin. The second source of revenue is block matching income; in this case, you will receive 10% of your holdings if two of your holding blocks are matched. Thus, VIP affiliate Wallet’s block matching program is a great way to increase your income. It allows you to earn income both incomes together.

VIP Affiliate Wallet is one such kind of program in the world where you can earn income by holding or staking your digital assets. The income you earn here directly comes from the mining server.

There are two different methods to make money with this affiliate program.

  1. - Direct referral dividend 10%
  2. - Block Matching dividend 10%

All five auxiliary currencies—Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, WhiteBitcoin, and Bitcoin Gold—can be held or staked here. This wallet operates on a decentralized system; only the blockchain is used for all transfers. All five supporting assets for revenue are available for saving, withdrawing, holding, and staking. This program will end once WhiteBitcoin mining is made available to the general public and only for a short time. Please use this service by signing up as an affiliate member.